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About Children's Liver Foundation

Children’s Liver Foundation (CLF) was jointly set up in 2011 by medical professionals & parents of children with liver disease at a time when there was very limited awareness of liver diseases in children. Even in the medical profession, most were not familiar with managing liver diseases in children. Dr Aabha Nagral was one of the founding trustees of CLF and has continued to be involved with its activities in the capacity of a managing trustee for over a decade.

The main activities of CLF have included financial support to needy patients and educational CMEs for medical professionals. The most popular activity has been support group meetings for children and their families which help many families especially with rare diseases to interact and bond with others with similar illnesses and is an open forum to have all queries answered by experts concerned.

CLF has collaborated with other NGOs like Think Foundation to help Thalassemic children with Hepatitis C and provide drugs free of cost to cure them of Hepatitis C. CLF has pushed for advocacy to get generic drugs available and manufactured in India especially for rare disorders as these drugs even if available are not affordable making access very limited.

Many children with end stage liver disease need a liver transplant and most transplant centres are able to raise funds through crowd funding and other NGOS. However, families are often unable to sustain post-transplant expenses. There is life long cost of immune-suppression and diagnostic tests after transplants. CLF has consciously decided to help these children after transplant with funding for investigations and medications as there is very little help coming from NGOs towards post transplant expenses. CLF continues to help children with other liver disorders and rare diseases for investigations and treatment including other surgeries.


Children's Liver Foundation appeals to donors to adopt a child who needs long-term treatment with the plea "Adopt a Liver, Adopt a Life".

Financial support towards this end will make a difference to the lives of these children with chronic liver diseases who have been deprived of their normal childhood, and have hope of leading a normal life with access to medications and care that they deserve…

Please donate wholeheartedly…

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